Wireless soft sensors made easy

Meet our new fabric sensor

  • Field-ready

    Ruggedised, yet lightweight and comfortable

  • Sewable

    Sewable zones allow for easy integration

  • Stretchable

    The sensors stretch so easily that they don’t interfere with natural body motion

  • Accurate

    Our sensors can measure stretch accurately, consistently, and without the need for recalibration

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

    Low-latency communication, long battery life

Our evaluation kits include everything you need to start measuring soft objects

Pre-order now

US$400 US$300 for the first 100 pre-orders

Each kit comes with a:

  • flexible fabric stretch sensor
  • bluetooth LE circuit
  • coin cell battery
  • Data capture app on Google Play

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How do wireless soft sensors work?

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Innovation in Design & Engineering

NZ Innovators Awards 2013


NZVIF Hi-Tech Startup Company of the Year

NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2014