Stretch Sensors for Motion Capture Gloves

The future of human-machine interaction in a mixed reality world

Create Immersive Experiences

Capture finger bending and splay for use in animation, rehabilitation and gaming

Get started easily with a quick calibration routine

Support for Unity and MotionBuilder

Either use in your studio or as a platform to build a custom glove product

Experience the comfort and durability of StretchSense gloves​

Accurately capture individual knuckle bending and finger splay with multi-segment capacitive stretch sensors

Low latency capacitive sensing circuit with long battery life (8 hrs at 60hz, 5 hrs at 90hz)

Expansion ports for IMUs, timecode, SD cards, and additional sensors.

Supporting apps to help you get testing straightaway. Visit our Github page for code examples, demos and more.

Build your own glove starting with our fabric patterns, case designs, and sensor layouts.

Communicate with external interfaces through SPI, Bluetooth and UART.

Gloves in Action

Sean Firman, an up and coming game developer, integrated HTC Vive trackers to a pair of StretchSense gloves and built this demo using the Unreal 4 engine.