Stretch sensors are soft, sewable and disappear into the fabric of your garments.
Choose between our two circuit boards
  • 10-Channel Circuit
  • BLE transmission Rate: 40ms/25Hz
  • Extendability: BLE Shield. SPI Slave to system Master

  • Dimensions: 29mm x 25mm x 17mm
  • Connectors: 10x2 2.54mm pitch headers
  • 16-Channel Circuit
  • BLE transmission rate: 15ms/67Hz
  • Extendability: I2C x2 for IMU/digital sensor inputs and sensor data outputs. SPI x1 for SD card recording. UART x1 for Timecode synchronisation
  • Dimensions: 29mm x 15mm x 4mm
  • Connectors: Zif Connectors
Simple software that helps you get your sensing system working. View raw data, calibrate and map sensors to the body, interface with other devices, and experiment with machine learning.
  • For Apple Users
  • Data Visualization App
  • Machine Learning App
  • For Android Users
  • Data Visualization App
  • Machine Learning App
  • For Developers
  • API Library
  • Sample Source Code

Smart Gloves

Building the user interface of the future? Our sensors are perfect for precisely capturing the nuanced movements of the human hand. There is more to a product than just the sensors. Get started quickly and test your idea with our smart glove development platform today!

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Working With StretchSense

We make soft and squishy stretchable sensors for motion capture applications. We sell discovery kits including smart gloves for you to experiment with and become familiar with our technology. Our reference designs will help you easily integrate our technology into your products.

Talk to our full stack custom engineering team who can assist you with integrating our sensor technology into your garments, your electronic hardware and firmware, and your software environment if you require it.


“The data glove demonstration I saw from StretchSense with the splay sensors was quite frankly the best I’ve ever seen. The machine learning based calibration was equally impressive. I’ve been involved in designing and building data gloves for over 20 years now. The StretchSense sensors are what I’ve needed for years to build the data glove that has always been talked about. These thin, lightweight, multi-zone sensors, are barely noticeable when wearing the glove. Bravo StretchSense. Kevin L. Mellott

“Two and a half years ago I discovered StretchSense’s wireless wearable sensor technology. As an inventor and product developer one expects companies to fulfill your concept and ideas with affordable pricing. StretchSense met that criterion. Precise, efficient and exact is my experience working with Todd and Shin. StretchSense technology is continually evolving. Their sensors surpass all companies I have met and researched. In my future products I expect to apply StretchSense technology. -Arnold Tobin

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