StretchSense is a global supplier of soft, stretchy sensors

Imagine a future where accessing real-time body motion data is as easy as slipping on a smart garment.

StretchSense manufactures capacitive sensing systems that deliver unparalleled insight into the movement of our bodies. We live in a data-driven world, and body motion data enables our customers to create unique wearable technology applications.

We pride ourselves on solving real problems that others can't, by tailoring every aspect of our sensing systems to suit the needs of our customers, from the physical characteristics of the hardware to the communication methods and analytics.

Our customers operate at the cutting edge and we take their privacy seriously, keeping commercially sensitive information safe within our organization. 

With our technology, customers are developing revolutionary products in sports, healthcare and fitness, gaming and VR / AR, fashion and numerous other areas.

We operate with an extremely clear value-based culture, prioritizing teamwork and health and safety of employees above all else. This extends to every facet of the business, generating and supporting social cohesion within our company. We strive to make sure our culture and values are present in everyday operation, keeping people engaged and motivated by their working environment.

Incorporated in November 2012 as a spin out from the Biomimetics Lab of the University of Auckland Bioengineering Institute, our mission is to push the boundaries of wearable technology, making cutting-edge R&D and rapid prototyping accessible to everyone. If you have an idea, we want to help you bring it into reality.