StretchSense is a global supplier of soft, stretchy sensors and generators

StretchSense incorporated in November 2012 as a spin out from the Biomimetics Lab of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland. The company has secured investment from Ralf Muller, Auckland UniServices Limited, Flying Kiwi Angels, New Zealand Venture Investment Fund, and Start Today Co Ltd.

The team has been working on electroactive polymer technology for over a decade with an emphasis on real world applications. Leading innovators worldwide use our soft devices to measure and characterise forces associated with human body movement. Our sensors capture data from body motion, enabling the next generation of wearable tech and tangible VR and AR user interfaces. Our generators transform body motion into electrical energy to run smart devices, turning wearables into disappearables.

Our team are experts in manufacturing custom stretch sensors and helping our customers integrate them into commercial products. We pride ourselves on solving real problems and solving problems others can't. We can tailor every aspect of our sensing systems, from the physical characteristics of the hardware to the communication methods and analytics.

Our customers operate at the cutting edge of their fields and we take their privacy seriously. With strict controls in place, we keep customer names and commercially sensitive information safe within our organisation. What we can say is that our customers are creating some amazing products in the areas of fitness technology, gaming, and VR / AR. StretchSense has made it our mission to push the boundaries of wearable technology, and we can work with you to develop your unique application.