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Real-time stretch sensor data processing with Amazon Web Services Kinesis

In this blog post, we will take a quick look at how we can leverage the power of a cloud service provider like AWS to collect and process data in real-time.   WHY? To create a wearable that improves someone’s...
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Iain Anderson

Sensor fusion for human motion capture

INTRODUCTION Standing up and walking requires closely controlled muscle activity.  Without the coordination of our optical sensors (eyes), acceleration sensors (balance organs in our ears), and stretch sensors embedded in muscles and tendons, we run the risk of tripping and falling....
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Finding the Thread of StretchSense’s Sewing Team with Jackie Pako

Our work in the smart fabric industry makes sewing a vital part of StretchSense. Jackie Pako, our Fabric Technicians Team Lead, is known for keeping the whole company in stitches — not just in a literal sense!   What was...
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Blending Customer Ideas and StretchSense Tech with Llewellyn Sims Johns

Our ability to integrate sensing systems into customer ideas comes down to our expert Systems Integration team, and leading that team is Llewellyn Sims Johns. Llew is one of our old hands at StretchSense, having been here for almost four...
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Talking R&D with Felix Lun

Research and development is a critical part of what we do here at StretchSense — we’re always pushing the boundaries of technology, looking for better ways to refine, develop and produce our existing solutions. At the head of our 15-strong...
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