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Mark Roulston

Top To Toe: A Look At Where Stretch Sensors Can Measure Our Bodies

The human body is a varied canvas, one that can yield a surprising amount of information if you know where to look. In the realms of VR/AR, healthcare, and sports and fitness, having access to granular details about the movement...
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The Evolution of StretchSense

After releasing our first silicone stretch sensors in 2012 and our fabric version in 2015, we're now supplying the wearables industry with custom sensing arrays. In the last six months, StretchSense has been undergoing a metamorphosis. I haven't written in...
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What Do Wearable Stretch Sensors Have To Do With NASA Space Modules?

Here’s a hint — stretch sensors are excellent for monitoring the movement of soft, flexible structures... If you guessed the answer, well done! Don’t worry if you didn't, because it’s a tricky one! Our stretch sensors are mainly used for...
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StretchSense Customization Services

StretchSense is more than just a sensor manufacturer — we provide custom sensing solutions for the wider wearable technology industry. If your goal is to create advanced wearables that track body motion or shape, we have the technology and knowledge to make this possible....
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Electronic Music Is More Expressive With Motion Sensing Technology And MPE

THERE’S A NEW MIDI PROTOCOL IN TOWN THAT ENABLES AN ENHANCED EXPERIENCE FOR ELECTRONIC MUSICIANS. It’s called MPE — short for Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression. Traditional MIDI note events only have two dimensions — pitch and velocity — but today’s musicians...
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