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The Sensors That Brought You ZOZOSUIT

The first consumer-ready wearable product built with StretchSense’s unique sensor technology, ZOZOSUIT provides precise measurement of body shape to solve the problem of fit when buying clothes online.

ZOZOSUIT is just the beginning. With our advanced sensor technology and mature manufacturing capabilities, the potential for StretchSense-enabled wearables is limitless.

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Core technology: Super soft and stretchy sensors

The most unobtrusive sensing elements possible: Soft and stretchy enough to conform to any shape, critical for a wearable capturing precise body measurement and movement data.

From wearable to disappearable: ZOZOSUIT is a smart garment that feels like a regular sports compression garment, thanks to the ongoing evolution of our core soft, stretchy sensor technology.

A scalable production solution

End-to-end wearable product development: From an initial idea at the design stage through rapid prototyping and iteration, right up to mass-manufacture.  

Stress-free production scaling: Our volume pricing model scales with your order, ensuring you get the volume you require at an affordable price. From one to a million, we deliver.

The sensor array

Sensor production at volume: We have evolved our manufacturing processes to produce sensor arrays — networks composed of many individual sensing elements.

Measure position and movement on any part of the body: Flexion and extension of joints; chest expansion and contraction; body alignment and many more — an array of sensing elements is precise enough to capture it all every time.

The surface area you need: Sensors as small as a one centimeter to sprawling networks of sensors a meter long. Whether your wearable idea is focused on a specific body part or encompasses the whole human canvas, we have the flexible production capabilities to deliver sensing arrays to suit your wearable application.

Miniaturized electronics for comfort

Ultra-compact electronics that don’t sacrifice connectivity: Our miniaturized circuits are capable of connecting up to 96 sensing elements at once, and are fully integrated into the garment without restricting comfort or movement.

Robust connection methods

Integrated, unobtrusive cabling: Our Silicone Tracks are built from the same soft, stretchy materials as our sensing elements and integrate all of the necessary cabling. Stretchiness, conformability and flexibility, without sacrificing the functionality.

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