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The Sensors That Brought You ZOZOSUIT

The first consumer-ready wearable product built with StretchSense’s unique sensor technology, ZOZOSUIT provides precise measurement of body shape to solve the problem of fit when buying clothes online. ZOZOSUIT is just the beginning. With our advanced sensor technology and mature...
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Concept to Prototype in 21 Days

This motion capture glove prototype was created with a soft, integrated sensing system from StretchSense. I’ll give you my account of the development process from the initial concept, to the working prototype. Using the method outlined in this case study,...
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Mark Roulston

How Does Volume Pricing Work at StretchSense?

One of the first questions we’re asked by customers who see the potential of prototypes developed with StretchSense technology is related to scalability — particularly when it comes to pricing. After all, should a prototype bear fruit and be successfully...
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How Fast Can You Measure Strain?

IS THERE A LIMIT TO THE FREQUENCY RESPONSE OF A CAPACITIVE STRETCH SENSOR? Stretch sensors are an enabling technology for the next generation of wearables. Such smart wearables are intrinsically garment-like, can detect and measure muscle contraction, chest expansion, joint...
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Capacitive vs. Resistive Strain/Stretch Measurement

Here at StretchSense, we measure strain by tracking changes in the capacitance of our soft sensors. Strain can also be measured by sensing change in electrical resistance. In this monograph, I will compare the two methods (resistance vs. capacitance strain...
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