Multi-knuckle Splay Glove (Pair)

USD $4,900.00



Sizing:  L

Our splay glove is a ready-to-wear sensing system. It captures complex hand gestures with accuracy – all without sacrificing comfort and usability.

For glove, VR/AR headset and phone companies, along with mocap studios, our splay glove is the next step to validating new VR/AR applications.

The splay glove contains multi-segment splay sensors that capture the bending of each finger knuckle as well as the sideways spread of each finger and thumb. An additional stretch sensor has also been sewn onto the back of the hand to capture palm roll.

A low-profile, ultra-compact circuit that can connect up to 16 sensing channels transmits sensor information wirelessly to a StretchSense mobile App.  The 16-channel circuit supports multiple communication protocols (SPI, Bluetooth and UART) and expandability options to integrate with inertial sensors, time synchronization modules, and SD cards.

To begin prototyping, download the StretchSense MoCap Unity App from either the Android or Apple store or visit the StretchSense Github page for our source code and API libraries. 

Purchase a pair to get your testing underway, or contact us for a custom design.

Each glove in a pair contains:

  • 5x Integrated 3-channel multi-segment splay sensors
  • 1x StretchFabric sensor
  • 1x 16-channel sensing board
  • 1x Electronics enclosure
  • 1x LiPo battery

Additional components:

  • 1x MicroUSB charging cable


StretchFABRIC datasheet

Splay sensing guide

Unity mocap app – Android

Unity mocap app – iOS

StretchSense Github page