Sensing Band

USD $1,025.00



The Sensing Band is a ready-to-wear product made for prototyping applications that involve measurement of the torso.
Whether you want to measure breathing or general changes in the shape of the torso, our Sensing Band is the perfect tool.

Each band contains:

  • 1x Integrated StretchFABRIC sensing elements
  • 1x 10-channel SPI Sensing Board
  • 1x Bluetooth adaptor
  • 1x Electronics casing
  • 1x LiPo battery

Additional components:

  • 1x LiPo battery charger
  • Free StretchSense App available for download on the App Store


StretchFABRIC Sensing Element – #0SEF Data Sheet

Smart Garment Quick Start Guide

10-channel SPI Sensing Board – #0CTX Data Sheet