Smart Glove (Pair)

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Our Smart Glove is made for prototyping hand motion capture applications. Each glove contains a stretch sensor sewn into each finger sleeve, along with two additional sensors around the thumb for multiaxial capture of thumb movement.

The sensors communicate with a sensing circuit to transmit data wirelessly to a mobile device running our free motion capture app.

Our gloves offer developers a complete prototyping solution without the need for any additional research and development, reducing cost and complexity.

Purchase a pair to get your testing underway today, or contact us for a custom design.

Each glove in a pair contains:

  • 7x Integrated StretchFABRIC sensing elements
  • 1x 10-Channel SPI Sensing Board
  • 1x Bluetooth Adaptor
  • 1x Electronics casing
  • 1x Lipo battery

Additional components:

  • 1x LiPo Battery charger
  • Free StretchSense App available for download on the App Store


StretchFABRIC Sensing Element – #0SEF Data Sheet

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10-channel SPI Sensing Board – #0CTX Data Sheet