Smart Shirt – Men’s

USD $2,490.00



The Smart Shirt is a prototyping kit designed to capture motion data from the shoulders and arms. The shirt allows for the capture of shoulder adduction, abduction, flexion, and extension as well as the flexion and extension of the elbow.

Designing smart garments with integrated sensors provides numerous challenges, from sensor placement to cabling and electronics integration. We are experts in managing these complexities and have utilized our many years of experience in these fields to create a prototyping shirt that will allow you to capture information relating to the shoulder and elbows, right out of the box.


Kit Contents:

Each shirt contains:

  • 10x Integrated StretchFABRIC sensing elements
  • 1x 10-channel SPI sensing board
  • 1x Bluetooth adaptor
  • 1x Electronics casing
  • 1x LiPo battery

Additional components:

  • 1x LiPo battery charger
  • Free StretchSense App available for download on the App Store


StretchFABRIC Sensing Element – #0SEF Data Sheet

StretchSense Smart Garment Quick Start Guide

10-channel SPI Sensing Board – #0CTX Data Sheet