Stretch Sensing Discovery Kit

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Stretch Sensing Elements are both soft and highly precise, making them a perfect tool for wearables and other soft-body applications.



StretchFABRIC Sensing Element – #SSD18 Data Sheet

10-channel SPI Sensing Board – #0CTX Data Sheet


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The Stretch Sensing Discovery Kit is a great starting point for you to investigate Stretch Sensors for their high precision, repeatability, and linearity.

Each kit contains the following:

  • 10x StretchFABRIC Sensing Elements – 70 x 10 mm active sensing zone embedded onto stretchy fabric, connected to a 1 m length coaxial cable
  • 2x 10-channel SPI Sensing Boards (#0CTX)
  • 2x Bluetooth® Adaptors – (#0CAB)
  • 2x AAA Battery Packs
  • 6x AAA Batteries
  • 1x Sewing Kit

Our unique StretchFABRIC Sensing Elements are embedded onto fabric to give you the freedom to experiment with sensor placement on your smart garment prototype.


  • Soft and conformable
  • Highly repeatable measurements
  • Minimal variance in performance from temperature and humidity
  • Open source software to visualize stretch sensing data in real-time


  • Rapidly develop prototypes
  • Experience the best in capacitive stretch sensing technology
  • Lightweight and easy to adhere to soft surfaces