Sports Discovery Kit

Tailored for applications in the sports industry, the Sports Discovery Kit contains all the components necessary to assess the potential of your fitness wearable. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with multiple designs and configurations.

VR Discovery Kit

Replicating hand movements is a critical part of VR/AR and gaming. Using the 10 Silicone Sensing Elements included in the VR Discovery Kit, you can experiment with full digital dexterity, running one sensor along each finger. Two 10-channel Sensing Boards (one for each hand) allow you to design a full dual-hand sensing system.

Key Components

From Design to Prototype

A Prototype Sensing Array is your design made into a real prototype — within a matter of weeks, we can put a tangible product in your hands.

How Can We Help?

After receiving your design, our team builds your custom Prototype Sensing Array complete with fabric-adhered Stretch Sensing Elements connected to our electronics. Whether you wish to continue iteration or are ready to move onto larger-scale manufacturing, our Prototyping Services can accommodate.

Prototyping Done Faster

Your design, our expertise

Our team works with you to optimize your design and produce a working prototype.

Tailor-made for you

Test your wearable idea with custom sensing elements and electronics made to your specifications.

Fast, affordable service

Our rapid prototyping model means each iteration will cost less, and the time between each version is significantly reduced.

Problem-free scaling

Our manufacturing facilities are designed for scalable production of your sensing solution.

What’s Next?

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