Your Journey With Us

Start with our Sensing Kit

Glue it, sew it, stretch it, test it. Experience stretch sensing with our Sensing Kit and test how it will help you.

Once you have understood capacitive sensing with our Sensing Kit; explore stretch sensing technology within your application space and create a quick and economical proof-of-concept.

What we offer:

  • A product encompassing over a decade’s worth of research and innovation.
  • Continued technical support from our experienced Field Application Engineers on how to fit our stretch sensors to your requirements.

Start your journey

Create your Application Specific Sensing Array


For prototypes within 1-1,000 units, our multi-disciplinary Work-For-Hire (WFH) team of Product Developers, System Integration Experts, Industrial Designers and Sewing Technicians will work with you to understand your product needs and help you design your Application Specific Sensing Array.

From the first iteration until you feel ready, we’re there to help every step of the way.

Our WFH and Non-recurring Engineering (NRE) services includes:

  • Assisting with garment pattern design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Assisting with Application Specific Sensing Array design and development
  • Application-based electronics design, development and mass manufacture
  • Custom sensor integration methods
  • Custom cabling and connection methods
  • Characterization and calibration
  • Product and user testing
  • Integration into your supply chain
  • Environment-specific development
  • Washability
  • Custom software development


Right from your first prototype, we have Design-For-Manufacture (DFM) in mind and we’re thinking of how to make your products at volume that is perfect for your end user. At more than 1,000 units, we go through a design cycle of your electronics and arrays to make them mature, sleek and suited for mass volume production.

Our manufacturing facility located in New Zealand is geared for quick scaling to deliver low-volume kits and high-volume arrays. We ship globally to over 30 countries.

Our Sensors In The World

StretchSense specializes in manufacturing smart, soft and stretchy sensors. Our products range from standalone sensors and electronics, to fully customized sensing arrays. Our sensors can be used across a variety of industries, view the videos below to see them in action.

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