StretchVR Kit

$3050 USD

Stretch sensors enable precise hand motion capture. Track finger movement, wrist bend and hand/palm flex without the drift and inaccuracy associated with IMUs. Our silicone stretch sensors are state-of-the-art devices for meticulous measurement, and are virtually undetectable in gloves. APIs and reference code are available to accelerate your prototyping process so you can create the next generation precision VR glove.

The StretchVR kit contains ten Silicone Stretch Sensors — one for each finger — We also provide two 10-channel SPI sensing circuits, one for each hand.

  • What are the development kits for?

    Our development kits are for R&D engineers and product developers to discover new ways of utilizing our stretch sensing technology for smart clothing, sports and VR/AR applications. The kits contain a lot of sensors to enable rapid prototyping. Your design teams will have plenty of sensors to play with — twist them, stretch them, have fun! Get creative!

  • What is the StretchVR kit?

    Our StretchVR kit comes with ten silicone sensors, five for each hand. Perfect for engineers in VR, entertainment and gaming who want to development hand motion capture prototypes.

  • Can I use your sensing circuitry with Arduino?

    Yes, we can output our sensor values as a string from our circuit to your Arduino board, using serial or wireless interfaces such as USART or Bluetooth.

  • Why are you supplying the 10-channel circuit with the kit?

    Each 10-channel circuit allows you to connect up to ten sensors at a time. Our 10-channel circuits turn the raw analog signal from the sensors into digital data you can use.

  • What customization work does StretchSense do?

    We make complete sensing systems that are ready to be integrated into our customers’ products. We make the sensors, connections, circuitry and data capture software, and are able to customise in each of those of areas.