Sensing Elements

Our Silicone Stretch Sensing Elements can easily be embedded into clothing or devices. When attached correctly to a soft body of material they provide precise information about how that object or body is moving, as well as how certain forces are acting upon it.

Sensing Electronics

Our proprietary circuits interface with sensing elements to provide a digital output for your data. Our circuits can be connected to as many as 96 individual sensing elements, giving product developers the scope to build the most precise body motion and form capture solution possible.



Our Silicone Sensing Elements are soft and flexible enough to conform to any shape, either on a person’s body or integrated into a wearable device.


Silicone Sensing Elements revert to their original shape when relaxed, ensuring precision time and time again.


Movement and position data is captured down to fractions of a millimeter.

Easy to Integrate

Sensors can be bonded to a range of fabrics to match your application, and easily integrate with your own electronics design.

Other Features




10-Channel Sensing Board


StretchSense Android Data Visualization App


StretchSense iOS Data Visualization App


Smart Clothing

Health & Wellness

Sports & Fitness

Virtual Reality

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